call me ‘chemo brain’

Until a few days ago, I felt as though time was folding over itself, some type of a weird time warp continuum.  It all started the day after chemo.  It had only been 12 hours since I had finished my first chemo, yet it seemed like it had been at least a month.  I call it my ‘Chemo Brain’.

The last two weeks have been filled with learning how my body responds to chemo and  what arrows I have in my quiver to combat the responses.  I know I have been very fortunate, there are many people that have it much worse than I do.  For me, it was the constant feeling of aches, fatigue, light headed, loss of appetite, abdominal pains, headache, nausea,  poor sleep, etc.  Then suddenly on Friday morning, 10 days after chemo, it was gone, the fog cleared, the pains were gone and I was back feeling like a normal human again!  With only the fatigue remaining.  I have never been one that could take naps during the day, now my naps take me… LOL  the exhaustion is crazy, never dreamt I could get so tired doing nothing… LOL

Two of the side effects that I wasn’t planning for  were puberty and dark circles under my eyes …. nobody told me that my face would break out so badly that I would look like junior high all over 😦  fortunately, it only lasted a week and seems to be getting back to normal.  However, my skin is extremely dry.  I also was not expecting to have the dark under my eyes, i researched and found that it was due to thin skin and bleeding capillaries.  Those are getting better now as well.

On Super Bown Sunday, my pregame activity was Gerry shaving my head. 🙂  I am now sporting a head of hair that is maybe 1/4″ long 🙂  I knew I didn’t want to get to the point where it would be falling out in clumps on my pillow or hairbrush.  Gerry and the girls like my wig (they said I look like a movie mom that is always wearing pearls… guess that means I need to start wearing mine) and Anna thinks I look like a ‘female ninja’ without my wig on 🙂  Can you pick which picture is with the wig 🙂  Gotta have fun where we can 🙂


I think the most difficult part for me post chemo was not knowing what to expect and for how long.  I think the next round of chemo will be easier as I will know what to take when, i will know how long I need to grin and bear it and most importantly, I know there is a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel.  And of course it goes without saying, God is always with me. 🙂

The top things I need to remember as I prepare for my next round of chemo –

  1. stay on top of nausea
  2. stay on top of nausea
  3. stay on top of nausea
  4. take clariton for the bone pain before it starts
  5. consume a protein shake before going to bed (found that it makes me feel much better in the morning)
  6. take tylenol before going to bed to help with headaches
  7. start taking steroids day before chemo
  8. take healthy snacks to chemo (last session 8 hours, next will only be 5 hours), the steroids made me so hungry last time I could have eaten two chickens!!! and then had a pound cake (or two) for dessert.  pretty sure last time I ate my weight in gardettos, cheese crackers and peanut butter crackers. . . oops

This Saturday I will be going to the Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest where I will be eating bacon with 10k of my closest friends. 🙂  We have been going for several years.  The question for this year… will I be up to eating bacon?  will it taste good? will I have energy to make it through the day?  you know I will try 🙂


Thank you for sharing my journey with me.  I pray that each of you has success in all of your journeys.  Until next time, keep the faith. 🙂


4 thoughts on “call me ‘chemo brain’

  1. Linda, boy Oh boy, I don’t think I could be as brave as you are!!! You are my hero my friend!!!! Did you ever get sick from the chemo at all? I don’t remember you saying if you did or not! Oh I almost forgot, Congratulations my friend on your Engagement!!!!!


  2. Thank you for sharing Linda. I know you think you’re not doing anything, but you and your body are fighting a very tough battle! Sounds like you have figured out some important lessons for next round. You are beautiful Linda in every way– hair or not. God bless, He is by your side!


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