Cancer is a 4 letter word . . .

Good news / Bad news

Good News, my General Surgeon gave me a free pass, follow up scheduled in 6 months… the bad news, my Oncologist took that opportunity to schedule Chemo…  I start on Monday.


I will be on an every three week cycle

  • First 6 cycles –
    • TCH (docetaxel/carboplatin/trastuzumab) + pertuzumab (if they can get insurance authorization)
  • For the remainder of the year –
    • trastuzumab (and hopefully pertuzumab if insurance will approve it)

The Oncologist gave me the three golden rules as my immune system is degraded by chemo.

  1. Don’t ever touch my face
  2. Don’t ever touch my face
  3. Breath through my nose (hope I don’t get a cold, I could suffocate… LOL)

Of course there are other nuggets

  1. Don’t go to public places during peak hours (avoid crowds)
  2. Wash hands frequently
  3. If flying, get up and walk around
  4. Consider wearing a face mask in public transportation… (does that include elevators?? “hold the door, I need to put on my face mask”  LOL)

What do i have to look forward to for first chemo –

    • Start at 8:30 with blood work
    • Meet with Dr.
    • Start Chemo at 9:30
      • the first time starting chemo each of the medications will be introduced separately.  This is to watch for any allergic reactions.
      • First chemo is anticipated 7 hours
      • Subsequent chemo under 2 hours
    • I will start losing my hair shortly after the first chemo with most of it leaving me before my second chemo.
      • I ‘think’ I am planning to have a head shaving party on Super Bowl Sunday, it will be 7 days after my chemo.  I don’t want to get to the point where I look down at my pillow in the morning and see piles of my hair… or look at my brush and see more hair in my brush than in my head… I do want to keep my hair 🙂  in a Ziploc bag, maybe I could have a wig of my own hair 🙂  Maybe my hair will grow back straight??  Maybe it will grow back a different color… Maybe I could research hydrangea color management and see if I can consume different minerals affect my hair coloration.  🙂  My dear friend Sally told me she went to a new salon and they had a ton of wigs, she found some blue ones and got one for each of us, she said she put it on and it was literally so funny she laughed all night.  Mine is so when I feel blue, I can put it on, look in the mirror and laugh and go on with my life. 🙂  THANK YOU SALLY!!!!

A month after the first 6 cycles I will be able to remove my expanders, put in the permanent implants and remove my chemo port.  Yeah!!!  I am already counting the days 🙂  I just found out that the permanent implants, for whatever reason, never maintain the same temperature as your body, which means they always feel cool… Not sure how I feel about having ‘cool perky boobs’, will have to wear an extra sweater.. LOL.  As I am writing this, my mind is wandering… when I wear my pearls, they absorb your body temperature and are warm to the touch.. why can’t they do the same thing with implants?  This will be a good invention for someone 🙂

The drugs that I will be taking have numerous side effects, the degree of each varies by individual. The amount of the drug they give you is based on your body weight, I am going to try to lose some weight  and talk them into taking out the weight for my ‘girls’ since they are expander and saline and shouldn’t be included in my body weight… 🙂 Wish me luck… lol

All I know, is that I NEVER want to hear about cancer again, I am planning to kick this!!!  And I am confident that with the Holy Spirit inside me I can do just that :-).

I want to take a moment to tell you about church last Sunday.  I have always believed in God, I have always had blind faith, but Sunday was the first time that I actually felt the Lord completely envelop my body. I was overcome with love, faith and emotion, absolutely convinced that I would never be on my journey alone.  It chokes me up, just writing about it, God truly is amazing, and He is with us always.  The really crazy thing, it wasn’t during the sermon, it was during the singing… or actually, maybe that makes more sense 🙂

Everything in life is mind over matter, so my mission… increase my mind and decrease my matter. 🙂

  • I am going to get back into regular meditation, it is so important, and I believe very healing, physically and mentally.
  • I am going to get back to exercising (within reason… yes, I do have a tendency to go overboard…)
  • It is o.k. to cry, shake it off and get back up (even when I feel like I am crying over nothing)
  • I will remove all negative influences from my life
  • I will find good in everything, no matter how bad it may seem
  • Continue range of motion
  • Work on short game 🙂

Weird note – when I drink something cold I can feel it throughout my chest, as if someone was spraying cold water across my chest wall!  I have decided that what is causing this is the sensitivity of the recently surgery traumatized tissue. of course there is NO medical support whatsoever to support this theory… lol, just a lay person thinking ‘what the heck’, now that is really weird, what could have caused it… LOL – jacked up temperature sensitivity 🙂

A continued thank you to all family and friends for your support, may God fill you with His love as you go through your day.


6 thoughts on “Cancer is a 4 letter word . . .

  1. Wishing you well on this journey, there will be good days, there will be bad days, you have made an incredible start with a great attitude and this blog to help you through it! Can’t wait to see the blue hair! you will rock it! God is with you, he never gives you more than you can handle~

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We are all with you, Linda. Keep that great attitude and you will push through. We are all going to have to see a picture of that blue wig. God bless!


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